June 17, 2021

Coming in July 2021: Patent-pending, world-changing technology inspiring a new method for planting

Introducing GrowWell™, the first innovation of the series in Focus Planter Technology. 100% designed and developed in South Australia by Focus Planting Australia.

A close up of the GrowWell™ FP350 Focus Planter by Focus Planting Australia

To date, one of the biggest challenges in planting is:
How do we grow plants using fewer resources, effectively utilise space and apply minimal effort?

Traditional methods for growing your own fruit and vegetables at home take a lot of time, including much patience and dedication. Natural rainfall patterns and climatic conditions are displaying greater variation across seasons, while labour-intensive efforts related to planting have been around for many years. Solutions for planting resource management are in demand. 

Traditional gardening method inspiring the creation of GrowWell™

Focus Planting Australia is a small South Australian-owned company determined to create environmentally-conscious solutions to improving horticultural and agricultural practices.

Starting with the family garden, Focus Planting Australia is introducing an innovative, patent-pending and world-changing technology – GrowWell™ – to inspire a new method for planting and nurturing of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

The Focus Planting method was inspired by the well-shaped system, an improvement on the furrow system typically crafted with shovels, patience and hard work. The aim of this approach being to centralise water to achieve effective planting results.

Traditional gardening method inspiring the creation of GrowWell™

Yet, as the planting season continued, an array of challenges followed as soil wells deteriorated from buckets of splashing water, alongside heavy rain, and curious interactions from family pets.

This inspired Sandro Iuliano, the founder and director of Focus Planting Australia to embrace his problem-solving skills and engineering knowledge.

These solutions are ingrained in at the heart of Focus Planting Australia and embraced in the newest innovation GrowWell, the first innovation of the series in Focus Planter Technology.

Organised gardening with GrowWell™ FP350 Focus Planter designed by Focus Planting Australia

GrowWell is a simple vessel that inserts into the ground utilising the natural soil properties, conserving water and focusing nutrients. Forget the heavy work of the old days of digging trenches to build furrow systems.

GrowWell™ FP350 Focus Planter Specifications

Focus Planting Australia strives for individuals and communities to be equipped with the appropriate solution for the health of each individual plant, while thoughtfully conserving precious resources including water, natural landscapes and human efforts related to planting.

GrowWell™ FP350 Focus Planter Features

GrowWell allows you to produce nutritious, high-quality and organic fruit and vegetables in your own home garden. The family garden can grow healthier, stronger, more organised, with significantly less weeding and reduced watering. This allows you more time to relax and appreciate your garden.

A close-up of the GrowWell™ FP350 Focus Planter by Focus Planting Australia

Easy gardening with GrowWell

GrowWell™ will be available mid-July with pre-orders available soon.

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