December 17, 2020

Creating all the home comforts for Uni students 

For students moving to Adelaide to study at university, Lincoln student accommodation offers a wide range of benefits to make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible.

When you choose to stay at Lincoln Residential College here’s what you can expect:

Close proximity to your uni
Located in North Adelaide, Lincoln student accommodation is just a short walk from Adelaide’s finest universities. Forget long commutes from a share house in the suburbs and enjoy more time in your day to study, relax or hang out with newfound friends.

Great transport links
A car can be a huge expense for a uni student, so having great transport links nearby is definitely a winner! With easy access to cycling paths and public transport options, you’ll find it quick, easy and affordable to explore the city or even head to the beach on the weekend.

A private space of your own
At the end of the day, you’ll want a space that feels like your own. While bedrooms in share homes can feel poky and cramped, your private room at Lincoln is large enough to accommodate a comfortable bed, storage options and a dedicated study space.

Academic assistance
The beauty of living in Lincoln student accommodation is being surrounded by fellow students. Create a study group with others in your field of study, or take advantage of the academic tutoring available. Lincoln also provides an onsite library with 24/7 access for those late-night study sessions!

Professional development
Lincoln student accommodation offers a range of programs that help you tap into the collective wealth of all the bright minds that have come and gone over the years. There are opportunities to be mentored, connect with alumni in your intended profession, or to take part in programs to build your leadership skills.

Support for physical and mental wellbeing
This is a time of enormous change in your life and it’s natural that you might be feeling anxious or alone. Your physical and mental wellbeing are paramount at Lincoln, which is why you have 24/7 access to staff trained to deal with any physical or mental health concerns you might experience.

Security and safety measures
It’s essential you feel safe and secure in your new home. The Lincoln student accommodation campus is equipped with CCTV in key areas, provides security patrols after hours and the buildings are kept secure with a master key system that restricts access to staff and residents only. We also provide contents insurance of up to $5,000 to protect your personal belongings.

Everything in one place
The life of a uni student is always busy. Lincoln helps you make the most of your time by providing all of life’s necessities (and niceties) in once place. The campus includes 24/7 access to a laundry, dining hall, library, gym and spaces to be creative. You’ll appreciate the extra time in your schedule! 

Events and social activities
Just like everyone else starting at Lincoln, you’re probably feeling very new and looking to make new friends. Lincoln student accommodation has a full calendar of events and social activities that includes the initial Welcome Week meet-and-greet, as well as sporting competitions, formal functions and social clubs where you can connect with like-minded residents.

Flexible pricing options and inclusions
Your fees include everything you need – and nothing you don’t! Room servicing, internet and Wi-Fi, utilities, laundry, meals and access to all facilities are all included. Better still, you only pay for the 40 weeks you’re on campus, rather than a full 52-week year, and can take advantage of reduced pricing if you decide to stay over the holidays.

If you’re planning to study at an Adelaide university, discover all the benefits on offer at Lincoln Residential College. Call (08) 8290 6000 or visit for more information.

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