February 29, 2024

Davaar House offers an innovative approach to wellness

Nestled in the heart of Adelaide's CBD, on the corner of South Terrace and Hutt Street, Davaar House emerges as a pioneering wellness hub, combining state-of-the-art facilities with a holistic approach to wellbeing.

This 1876 mansion, restored by founders Fiona Fiorinotto and her husband Oscar, has been transformed into a light-filled sanctuary of self-discovery and renewal. The restoration has meticulously preserved original architectural features including fireplaces and decorative detailing, merging historical elegance with modern comfort to provide a serene and calm environment.

Davaar embodies Fiona’s journey in the wellness industry, which began over two decades ago when she moved to Australia. Her passion for massage therapy and the human body’s remarkable healing capabilities led her to further studies in beauty therapy and mindfulness.

Fiona’s career blossomed in Australia’s top day spas before she established her own Massage & Beauty salon. Her vision extended beyond traditional treatments, driven by a profound personal experience with mental health struggles in a close friend.

She challenges the misconception of wellness as a one-size-fits-all concept, focusing instead on individualised journeys towards health and wellbeing.

The facility boasts an array of unique wellness modalities and therapies that are second to none.

The Australian-exclusive ActivBed Pilates Pod, a groundbreaking fusion of mat and Reformer Pilates, offers a private, screen-guided experience in a capsule equipped with infrared and heat technology, perfect for stretching, strengthening and sculpting the body.

Complementing this is the RollShape lymphatic massage system, an innovative device using rotating wooden rollers and built-in infrared and collagen lamps to activate the lymphatic system, enhance circulation and aid in toxin elimination.

The range of therapies offered extends to a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Red Light Therapy Pod.

The Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber known as the AirPod strengthens the immune system, increases oxygen concentration in tissues and provides a myriad of health benefits, including improved sleep, energy and circulation.

The Red Light Therapy Pod delivers concentrated natural light to skin cells, stimulating collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and aiding in recovery and inflammation reduction.

Most notably, Davaar House’s commitment to wellness transcends mere physical treatments. It’s a space that encourages self-care, self-discovery and healing in all aspects of life. This is reflected in its offering of Vinyasa Yoga, Guided Meditation and naturopathic consultations with Iridology tailored to the needs of each individual guest.

Adding another dimension to the wellness experience is The Davaar House café. Far from being just a spot for a coffee break, the café is integral to the holistic journey. Here, guests can indulge in healthy snacks and beverages in a beautifully crafted space, enhancing their wellness path with mindful nutrition.

In essence, Davaar House is not just a wellness destination; it’s a transformative journey, a blend of historic charm and modern luxury with an innovative approach to wellness.

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