January 28, 2021

Explore South Australia’s Wild Islands by small ship

Coral Expeditions will launch their first South Australian expeditions next month to discover the state’s secluded island secrets.

The islands off the coast of South Australia can be defined in many ways – rugged, windswept, mysterious, and a haven for seabirds and marine life. In every sense, they are wild islands, and they remain an enigma to even the most well-travelled of locals.

It is the draw of new discovery that has attracted Coral Expeditions to operate their first-ever South Australian expeditions this February, where small numbers of guests will adventure through the rarely seen coastal corners of Kangaroo, Troubridge, Flinders, Thistle, Wedge and Reevesby islands.

Seal Bay Conservation Park. Photograph Ben Goode.

The Australian pioneer of expedition cruising, with their yacht-like vessels and expert guides, takes in-depth journeys of natural exploration around the Australian coastline.

In more travel-friendly times, they have explored as far away as Sulawesi, New Guinea, and the Spice Islands with a spirit of adventure akin to early explorers.

These are uncertain times for travel with many domestic travellers faced with the prospect of having to stay close to home for the years ahead. With that in mind, Coral Expeditions has developed a range of new itineraries that will showcase the rarely-seen coastal treasures of Australia and give passengers the confidence to travel with a safe and well-respected local operator.

Since resuming operations in mid-October 2020, Coral Expeditions has completed 14 voyages in the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania. The successful restart is underpinned by a tested and proven “SailSAFE” health protocol, an all-Australian crew and guest base, small passenger numbers and remote nature-based itineraries.

Coral Expeditions Commercial Director Jeff Gillies said the decision to commence operations in South Australia had simply brought forward plans to commence annual expeditions on Australia’s great southern coastlines.

“Our loyal guests have long yearned to explore these shores and we are excited to bring our flagship vessel Coral Adventurer to South Australia and are grateful for the strong support of local authorities assisting us with planning for an array of future voyages,” Gillies said.

The “Wild Islands and Walks of South Australia” expedition is an immersive 10-night trip that stays entirely in local waters exploring the magnificent rocky coastlines of Kangaroo Island, the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas and Flinders Island.

The voyage will be led by special guest host and local expert Quentin Chester, whose deep knowledge and storytelling will ensure guests make strong connections with the people and places visited.

With guided hikes along remote coastal shores and wildlife encounters in national parks, the expedition is designed to be a nature retreat.

Guided walks with the expedition team.

Guests will meet and share time with locals such as the owners of Flinders Island, watching the sunset light up the coastal cliffs each evening, and enjoying the fresh seafood and delicious wines produced in South Australia along the way.

Departure dates in 2021 include a summer season voyage on 10 February, along with two further sailings on 22 November and 2 December.

Prices start from $6,390.

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