July 7, 2021

Finding lifelong friends in student accommodation

Lincoln Residential College promotes community and inclusivity, helping students connect with one another to create lasting friendships.

When considering your student accommodation while studying, your main focus is probably how close your university is, and how much stuff you can bring from home. But for many people, it’s the friendships they form with fellow residents that become a lasting focus, well beyond graduation.

Lincoln College appreciates the value of enduring friendship and works hard to promote inclusivity and community to help students connect with one another. So just what opportunities are there to build new friendships?

Welcome Week
The Lincoln year kicks off with Welcome Week. New residents have a chance to explore the facilities and meet others who are feeling just as nervous and excited. Chances are you’ll find fellow classmates and can start uni with at least one or two familiar faces by your side.

International Night
With residents from around Australia, and the world, this event celebrates the kaleidoscope of cultural diversity at Lincoln. Enjoy traditional food and performances from around the homelands of our international students.

Inter-college sporting events
Love keeping active or playing a team sport? You’ll find competitions and sporting events covering an impressive range of activities such as swimming, netball, Aussie Rules football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and lots more. What better way to make friends by being part of a team?

Academic and creative activities
If sport isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other opportunities to meet like-minded residents. Whether you’re a debater, a gamer, a musician, or an artist, Lincoln provides spaces to meet and engage in whatever activity you love. Check out our choir, Battle of the Bands, and the virtual reality room!

Study groups
Let’s not forget that you’re studying for a degree amid all this fun. Joining a study group for your field of study can be a great way to build friendships and future industry connections. You might even find a future business partner across the desk!

Firepit nights
Just because you’re in the city, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night under the stars. In winter, Lincoln residents and staff share hot chocolate and marshmallows roasted over blazing firepits. It’s a delightfully unique experience to chill and relax.

Go exploring!
Team up with a fellow resident to explore the local area. You’ll find leafy café strips, parklands, walking and cycling paths all within minutes of Lincoln. Or jump on a bus and head into the CBD for some retail therapy or a movie.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what interests you have, you’re bound to find new friends at Lincoln.

Invaluable friendships and support
When first year dentistry student and homebody, Nithya Bangalore, moved from Sydney to Adelaide, she was a bit worried she’d feel overwhelmed living in student accommodation surrounded by so many people.

Instead she discovered a loving, supportive environment that boosted her self-confidence and helped her thrive. Something, along with the invaluable friendships she’s made, that she “wouldn’t trade for the world”.

“I would definitely recommend Lincoln because it’s such a warm diverse environment. I can’t express in words how happy this past year has been for me.”

Discover what makes Lincoln Residential College so special. Visit lincoln.edu.au to find more student testimonials, or call (08) 8290 6000 for more information about the campus.


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