December 7, 2023

Finding your outdoor flame with Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide

Nothing extends the home and summer evenings over the festive months quite like an outdoor fireplace.

Stoke Adelaide’s Flinders Park showroom has a dedicated outdoor fireplace display with gas, wood, inbuilt and freestanding models.

An outdoor fireplace creates an anchor in our backyards. A source of light and warmth – it beckons us to gather, like moths to a flame.

But, with so many outdoor fireplaces to choose from the choice can be overwhelming. Are you looking for the simplicity and convenience of gas? Or does the romance of wood spark a fire in you?

Perhaps you’re after a fire that doubles as a professional grill, so you can hone your flame cooking skills and cater for visiting friends, family and neighbours.

Start your journey with Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide to find the perfect outdoor fireplace for you.



For those who love to showcase their culinary skills on the grill, the ultimate Escea EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen is your perfect companion.

Build your ideal kitchen with cooking plates, grills, meat hooks, an ember generator and even a pizza oven accessory – this fireplace packs a punch, with the full functionality of a professional kitchen.

The Escea EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen features all the functionality of a professional kitchen.

A favourite amongst families that love to entertain a crowd, when the cooking is done the EK transforms into a roaring outdoor wood fire – beckoning family and friends to share a drink and linger by the flames.

Escea EW5000 Outdoor Cooking Fireplace from Stoke

For an outdoor wood fire for those who seek the rustic charm of a wood-burning fire on a modest scale, the Escea EW5000 Outdoor Fireplace is your solution. It has the option of being framed or frameless – enhancing your outdoor space with a raw and rugged aesthetic. It’s a dual-function fireplace with three-tier cooking plates to enjoy flame-grilled food while you bask in front of the flames.

Boasting the alluring impact of real flames, the EW5000 creates an intimate outdoor setting that brings back the staple of flame-grilled food and marshmallow toasting into the small hours.

Escea EW5000 Outdoor Cooking Fireplace from Stoke – a focal point flame to cook on and gather around.



Inspired by the classic campfire, sharing the storytelling ethos and connecting by flame, the Escea EP1350 Fire Table brings together food, flames, and family.

The Escea EP1350 Outdoor Fireplace Table has three cooking functionalities and transforms into a roaring 360° outdoor fireplace.

Freestanding and without the need for a flue, this fire requires no installation and won’t get left behind when you move.

A triple-function fireplace – the EP1350 is a fire, a table and a cooking appliance all in one.  With a kebab holder, grills and a 360° cooking plate, there’s plenty of room for everyone to wear the chef’s hat.

Escea’s Vortex Firecore technology means the fire has more flame and less smoke, while the cool touch outer ring means you and your drinks can chill.



Made for busy lives, a gas fireplace gives you warmth and ambience at the touch of a button – so summer days can turn into summer nights, relaxing by flame. 

The Escea EF5000 Gas Fireplace is open-fronted, so there’s no need for a flue – all it needs is adequate ventilation making it perfect for inner-city courtyards.

And because it’s gas, it’s low maintenance. There’s no need to chop and stack wood or tend to the fire every half hour. It’s the perfect accompaniment to those spontaneous late afternoon cheese platters.

A retreat from busy lives and spontaneous nights with Escea’s EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace from Stoke Adelaide.



View Stoke Adelaide’s full range of outdoor fireplaces today at 236 Grange Road, Flinders Park, call 08 8235 1606 or visit their website at Adelaide | Stoke Fireplace Studio (

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