March 11, 2021

Half a million hot cross buns

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns and South Australia’s own Kytons Bakery makes some of the best hot cross buns in Australia.

Kytons owners Sharon and Darren Sutton know what makes a good hot cross bun.

Made from SA’s Laucke flour, top-grade Australian sultanas and currants (the big juicy ones) and just the right amount of spice, Kytons has previously won the National Hot Cross Bun Competition and their bakehouse at Edwardstown is a very busy place in the lead up to Easter.


Kytons bakery has been making delicious baked goodies in Adelaide since 1938 and current owners Darren and Sharon Sutton bought the business in 2003.

“We bake about half a million hot cross buns in the seven weeks leading up to Easter” said Sharon.

“That’s a lot of flour, a lot of fruit and a lot of staff. It’s a busy place to be, but the bakehouse pumps along with our regular baking staff as well as a dozen or so casuals – some students, others kids on gap years – many having their first real taste of a working environment”.

And there are a lot of ways to enjoy Kytons hot cross buns.

While the traditional fruit bun is always the most popular variety, Kytons also make two other varieties – a fruitless hot cross bun (they only remove the fruit, not the spice – so it still tastes like a true hot cross bun) and the Kytons Menz FruChocs Hot Cross Bun.

What started out as a radio stunt with SAFM nine years ago, has become a special part of many Adelaidean’s Easter – a very successful collaboration between two iconic SA food brands.

If you’re looking to spoil your staff or clients this Easter Kytons, makes giant morning tea trays (54 or 21 large buns or 84 snack-size buns) or single packs for take-home gifts.

As lockdown hit last year, Kytons quickly developed a “Happy Pack” – a gift bag containing a pack of buns – delivered to those staff members working from home. Happy Packs are still available for home delivery, with a minimum buy of 8 bags.

Easter wasn’t quite what we’re used to last year, so why not make Easter special for your family, friends, staff or clients this year with Kytons Hot Cross Buns?

You’ll not only be enjoying some of the best hot cross buns in Australia, but also supporting a great SA business, the many people they employ and local suppliers who benefit from Kytons busy Easter season. Now that’s a Happy Easter!

You can buy Kytons hot cross buns through community fundraising drives (Kytons has been running them since the mid-1980s), at Kytons Store at Edwardstown, Foodlands, Drakes and gourmet fruit and veg shops.

Call Kytons on 8177 0156 or email if you’d like to find out more about their giant trays, corporate gifting or bulk ordering.


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