April 11, 2024

How to have the aged care conversation

Has someone in your life reached a point where they’re struggling to take care of themselves like they used to? When moving to residential aged care may be the best option, how do you broach the sensitive conversation about them entering care?

Start the conversation at the right time and place

Ensure they are in a comfortable environment and are relaxed away from distractions. Maybe look through old photos or reminisce on memories to encourage easy conversation. Be sure to really listen to them and let them know they are loved.

Reassure them this is not the end!

Help them understand that entering aged care is an opportunity for a new chapter where they can no longer worry about day to day concerns. They can learn new skills, make new friends, be entertained and still go out when they want to.

Prepare early

Bring them information, take them to see some homes, consider respite stays to experience life there first hand. Help them sort through their belongings and paperwork so they don’t feel quite so overwhelmed when the move comes.

Keep them involved in the decision

Be sure to keep them involved in as many decisions as is practical. Make it clear you are on their side and will support them in any way you can.

Be respectful, patient and give them time to process

Above all, approach the subject with positivity, respect and compassion. Focus the conversation around maintaining their independence and enjoyment of life.

Give them time to think about it and consider their options. Moving into care is a big decision and not one anyone should feel rushed into.

Call 1800 463 468 if you have any questions, or would like a tour of an Infinite Care home in your area.

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