March 3, 2022

Memoir of a life and spirit that could not be crushed

Born with a fighting spirit, Emily Korir has thrived in the face of challenges she thought she couldn’t survive. Her gripping memoir, Against All Odds takes readers on an extraordinary journey of courage and determination.

Refusing to be a victim of circumstance, Emily Korir has transformed her life again and again. From a difficult birth, to a recent near escape with death on an otherwise ordinary day, to the surprising journey surrounding both these milestones – Emily has overcome more in decades than many would in a lifetime.

Her beautifully raw and gripping memoir Against All Odds captures the extraordinary trajectory of her life, sharing intimate insights on overcoming incredible challenges, and paying tribute to the battles we fight to be our best selves.

Spending her childhood in a community rich in spirit and generosity, despite a lack of personal wealth, Emily was raised by her mother and grandmother in the Kenyan community Nakuru, following the difficult circumstances of her mother’s pregnancy.

Determined to give her daughter opportunities she was unable to access, Emily’s mother worked tirelessly to afford her education. Her mother, grandmother and new community all shared the financial weight of her schooling, motivating Emily to study across the world and achieve more than she ever thought possible in their honour.

At age 37, in her chosen home of Adelaide, Emily’s life was shattered in the wake of a stroke that ruptured her family, leaving her reliant on machines to even draw breath.

When recovery seemed impossible, Emily overcame improbable odds through a year of intensive physical therapy. During this time, she gained a new perspective that would go on to reshape every aspect of her daily life.

Realising the work still required to improve disability care, Emily immediately began full time studies to achieve her MBA. Seeking to empower the disabled community, her message was born – We should not allow people, whether deliberately or intentionally, to treat us as babies.

Today, Emily is the embodiment of success, supporting and growing the two multi-million-dollar businesses that she helms.

Against All Odds is available for pre-order now ahead of its official release on 8 March 2022.

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Against All Odds is available for pre-order now, and Launch Gala tickets are for sale today.

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