February 23, 2023

Old flame, new attraction

Escea Wood Fireplaces at Stoke.

 Escea TFS650 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

The ritual of a real wood fireplace never gets old, but it can get better. Discover Escea’s debut range of indoor wood fireplaces, now available at Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide.

Escea has taken everything you already love about a wood burning fireplace and made it even better – with a pared back aesthetic and large viewing window that gives you an uninterrupted view of the flames.

A modern take on traditional, Escea’s new indoor wood fireplace range demonstrates their renowned Kiwi ingenuity, innovating an industry as old as time itself.

Unlike most wood fireplaces, the range features Escea’s Direct Vent Technology –  based on years of success with their gas fireplace range, now applied to their very first wood fireplaces.

The technology centres around the airflow that fuels the fire – where it comes from, and ultimately where it ends up.

Most wood fireplaces draw air from inside the home to fuel the fire, creating pesky drafts and poor indoor air quality.

With Direct Vent Technology, the firebox functions independently of the room, with all the air needed to fuel the fire coming from outside the home; and the exhaust air being returned outside. So, the room air and the outside air never mix.

By controlling the flow of air in and out of the fireplace you get less drafts, less smoke and less wasted heat – ultimately a healthier, more efficient warmth.   What’s more, Escea’s full range of indoor wood fireplaces also features an automated Smart Fan – so you’ll only ever feel warm air blowing into the room.

Traditional venting vs Escea’s Direct Vent Technology

A traditional ethos, with a contemporary approach to design; Escea has launched their wood fireplaces with two series – the TC Inbuilt Series and the TFS Freestanding Series.

The TFS Freestanding Wood Fireplace series is a modern take on a classic fire, boasting maxmised flame viewing and improved home performance.

The more compact TFS650 is ideal for smaller living spaces. A modest fire with minimal detail – classic, yet contemporary. 

If you’ve got space to fill you might consider the larger, TSF1000. This linear freestanding fireplace is a modern-day hero, with an old soul.

Escea TFS1000 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

To complete the look, Escea also offers a range of steel and engineered concrete plinths, elevating your freestanding fireplace and giving you flames on another level. Literally.

Escea’s inbuilt wood fireplace, the TC950 was made for the minimalists – those drawn to clean lines and exquisite detail.

A large firebox is accompanied by a sleek frameless trim for an uninterrupted view of the flames – pushing the boundaries of wood fire design and blurring the lines between the fire and the room.

The Frameless Trim is available for non-masonry installs such as timber or plasterboard – with the use of Escea’s Zero Clearance Kit, to streamline the installation process.

Escea TC950 Inbuilt Wood Fireplace in the Stoke Adelaide Showroom

Just like Escea’s gas fireplace range, their wood fireplaces are designed and hand-crafted in Dunedin, in the deep south of New Zealand.  Born out of the same passion for testing the limits of design and technology, they’ve been twenty years in the making and now they’re here.

The team at Stoke Adelaide are expertly trained on Escea Wood Fireplaces and are on hand to discuss your next home project.

The Stoke Adelaide showroom invites you to experience fireplace shopping differently, inspired by Adelaide’s unique and emerging design culture – it’s the best place to experience Escea’s full range of wood and gas fireplaces.

Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide, located at 236 Grange Road, Flinders Park




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