December 2, 2021

On Targett. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine delivers the results.

Dr Rahma Targett, the face, personality and driving force, behind Adelaide’s Advanced Cosmetic Medicine clinic, is passionate about helping her clients achieve the results they want.

Located on Melbourne Street, the luxurious clinic is equipped with the most advanced aesthetic technology, yet Dr Targett’s focus always remains firmly set on the ‘natural results’ her clients want.

Taking time out of her busy schedule, running the clinic while balancing family responsibilities, Dr Targett shared the secrets to her clinic’s success and plans for the year ahead.

When and why did you open Advanced Cosmetic Medicine?
I opened the clinic in 2016 as a passion project which fortunately flourished into a highly successful business.

What do you think makes the clinic special?
I have 20 years medical experience as well as a fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, a Diploma in Dermatoscopy and numerous other medical/aesthetic qualifications, but I believe my artistic eye and genuine love for my clients really sets the clinic apart.

What treatments are available at the clinic?
We offer a large variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. Medical procedures include primary care dermatology services such as skin cancer checks and lesion removals (including moles, tags, birthmarks, milia and cherry angiomas), while cosmetic procedures include injectables (dermal filler and anti-wrinkle), thread lifts, PRP and Venus Viva RF treatments.

Are you planning to launch any other treatments in the immediate future?
Yes, we will be offering NeoGraft hair restoration treatments in the clinic very soon.

Although hair loss is a natural part of life (most men and women have noticeable hair loss by the age of 50), that doesn’t make going bald or living with thinning hair any easier – in the same way the fact that skin ageing is a natural part of life, doesn’t make living with wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging jowls any easier!

I am therefore really happy that we can now help clients treat their hair ageing issues as effectively as we treat their skin ageing issues.

What exactly is NeoGraft?
A NeoGraft hair restoration treatment is a ‘minimally invasive’ alternative to traditional hair transplantation surgery.

During each treatment, the FDA-approved NeoGraft device is used to extract and implant hair follicles without any incisions. Basically, the NeoGraft device enables us to restore a client’s hairline in a two-step procedure (harvesting and placement). First, we numb the client’s donor site with local anaesthetic and use the NeoGraft to extract individual hair follicles from their donor site (usually at the back of their scalp). We then numb the client’s recipient sites and place the follicles into thinning areas to create a natural-looking hairline.

After we finish the procedure, the client can go home immediately and then return to work or their normal routine in just two to three days – and then watch their natural hairline gradually grow back.

Although in the aesthetics industry, we can never really guarantee any results, I am very excited about NeoGraft as I know it will help my clients look ‘more like they used to’.

Do you have any other major plans for the months ahead?
My main plan is to keep looking for the latest most innovative treatments available while always remaining focussed on ‘natural results’– for faces, bodies and hair! It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s exactly what our clients want.

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine
Unit 58/41-47 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide
P: 8239 0431

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