February 23, 2023

Prestige rental market covered by Turner Real Estate

Local real estate agents Robin and Lachlan Turner have launched Turner Prestige to cater to growing demand for bespoke executive rental services.

Turner Real Estate was established in 1991 and has continued to evolve into the largest property management agency in South Australia, whilst remaining 100 per cent family owned by Robin and Lachlan Turner.

Recently, Turner Prestige launched, taking the business to new heights.

Interstate and international migration has been rising, with business professionals taking up positions overseas and interstate since the pandemic restrictions eased. Many of these property owners love their family home and do not wish to relinquish it whilst they are away for employment.

“We’ve always had a sizeable portfolio of beautiful executive properties that we manage on behalf of owners who have moved but don’t want to part with their beloved family home,” Lachlan said.

“On the flip side, we’ve noticed a steady stream of requests from professional people either returning home or moving to South Australia who want to rent a property at the top-end of the market to cater for their business and family needs.

“It made sense to provide all of this experience in a more specialised and tailored property management service.”

Turner Real Estate’s new sub-brand, Turner Prestige, is unique in the market, offering clients a bespoke executive rental service like no other.

Unlike many standard property management services, all Turner Prestige properties are part of a smaller, single portfolio, managed by the dedicated Prestige portfolio manager Sandra Pallis.

“Prestige is about providing extra tailored services in managing the property. This allows us to create a highly personalised offering which results in strong and lasting relationships with clients,” Sandra said.

Turner Prestige provides convenient, private viewings of potential properties and tenant pre-screening prior to inspections to reduce foot traffic and minimise disruption.

All Turner Prestige property marketing is branded and optimised to attract the appropriate tenants. Property maintenance is also customised to cater for each individual property’s extra features.

Since launching in October 2022, Turner Prestige has received a tremendous reception from Adelaide investors and homeowners alike.

Turner Prestige has also seen success with leasing Prestige properties off-market, using Turner’s extensive connections to find the most suitable tenant for a property without the need to take the property to major portals, which saves landlords time and money.

Although Turner Prestige is still new to the market, its quick uptake has demonstrated the demand in Adelaide.

With more professionals leaving and arriving in South Australia post pandemic, we will continue to see increased demand for Prestige Properties.

To view more information about Turner Prestige Property Management click here, or call Managing Director, Lachlan Turner, on 0403 272 087, for Turner Prestige enquiries.


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