October 7, 2021

Supporting women to make informed decisions about their health

Introducing DCISionRT® - biological profiling for personalised treatment of breast cancer.

DCISionRT is a risk assessment test which looks at the likelihood of your ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) recurring after surgery, the risk of the disease spreading, and the impact of radiation therapy in reducing that risk.

DCISionRT assists you and your doctor to select treatment based on the biology of your tumour, not just clinical pathology.

A personalised treatment approach

DCIS itself is not life threatening, however it does carry with it a risk of recurrence and potential progression to invasive breast cancer. This risk is highly variable between patients and this new DCISionRT diagnostic companion goes beyond relying on conventional criteria such as nuclear grade to determine the optimal care for each individual patient.

Radiation plays an important role in risk reduction which becomes more significant in the higher risk cohort of patients but may not be required for all patients.    

DCISionRT looks at women diagnosed with DCIS and assesses their 10-year risk of recurrence or of developing invasive disease with or without radiation therapy. It is the only test developed specifically for this purpose.

The outcomes of the test show whether your risk is ‘low’ or ‘elevated’ and assesses the potential benefits of radiation therapy. Your test results are then used as a decision tool for you and your doctor when considering treatment options.

The more information your doctor has about your individual biological make-up, the more personalised they can make your treatment, and this increases the likelihood of better outcomes.

The additional biological information provided by DCISionRT can give you and your doctor insights into the risks you have of the disease recurring and your likelihood of benefiting from radiation therapy. A truly personalised approach.

Getting a DCISionRT test

Your doctor can arrange the DCISionRT test for you. The test can be applied to the breast tissue sample taken as part of your biopsy or breast surgery; no additional procedure is required.

Your results will be shared with your doctor and a radiation oncologist at GenesisCare within approximately one week from the lab receiving your tissue sample, and a follow-up appointment will then be arranged with your doctor to discuss your treatment journey.

At present, the test and treatment package are available through GenesisCare clinics. GenesisCare is offering the DCISionRT test along with radiation therapy as a bundled financial package. Your doctor will discuss this with you before you have the test.

If no radiation therapy is needed at the time of results, there will be no cost to you for the test.

The cost of the test is not covered by private health insurance or Medicare, hence the financial package being offered by GenesisCare.

For more information please contact 1300 086 870 or DCISIONRT@genesiscare.com




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