December 9, 2021

The Ambient Menu: The only guide to quiet restaurants in SA

An audiologist’s research inspired this website that rates restaurants on background noise. It is a godsend for lovers of dinner conversation.

As much as we love dining out with friends, the background noise can sometimes interfere with the conversation around the table. This leads to people missing parts of the conversation, asking for repeats, and exhaustion from straining to hear.

You want to see your friends, but you want to hear them too, right?

Now, The Ambient Menu website will help you find a restaurant that allows easy conversation and provides a memorable evening.

Bringing science to the dining experience
During her Masters of Audiology, Laura Drexler’s research confirmed what most of us already know: too much background noise over dinner can lead to a severe reduction in the enjoyment and connection.

This motivated Laura to create The Ambient Menu, the first research-inspired, science-based restaurant rating website that takes the guesswork out of where to eat.

On a mission to take the ‘din’ out of dinner
Lively restaurants have a great, fun vibe – but people who struggle to hear speech over background noise, or need to have a business meeting, prefer a quieter alternative. Now they can find one.

The Ambient Menu brings positive dining experiences to anyone who has ever felt left out of the conversation or felt exhausted by the end of the meal from trying to keep up with trying to hear. It helps them choose a quieter environment without compromising on great food and company.

The website (soon to be an app) is already being embraced by diners. Last month over 6,000 people used the Ambient Menu to find ‘their place’.

How it works
The Ambient Menu is a restaurant guide like no other. Venues are systematically rated by diners based on three key criteria:

          1. Ease of Conversation

          2. Quality of Food

          3. Customer Service

The Ambient Menu is the only restaurant rating website that puts science into the website by accrediting the restaurant, rather than relying on user opinion alone.

Restaurants rated as ‘quiet’ or ‘low’ can apply for Ambient Menu Accreditation. As well as being audiologist, Laura has undertaken extra training in acoustic consulting. She assesses the venue against a pre-determined acoustic criterion, the gold standard for restaurant acoustics. This almost guarantees diners easy conversation and a memorable experience.

Diners rewarded for contributing a review
The Ambient Restaurant has teamed up with The Card Network to reward the diners who help them to help others. With more ratings, it can guide more people to conversation-friendly restaurants. This not only supports the people of South Australia, but the restaurants return to normal after social distancing restrictions.

The company then promotes and supports the restaurants that support conversation-friendly dining.




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