November 10, 2022

The Enchanted Fig Tree opens its limbs next week

The Enchanted Fig Tree on Kangaroo Island has opened its limbs with a seven course tasting menu that celebrates flavours and produce from the past and present – artfully curated with a touch of fairytale.

The Enchanted Fig Tree sounds like the fantastical creation you would read from the pages of an Enid Blyton or Dr Seuss book, however this impressive tree is no fairytale… 

The Enchanted Fig Tree was planted on Kangaroo Island by the early settlers more than 120 years ago. The awesome, domed canopy soars skyward over two storeys high and has a leafy diameter spanning wider than two coachline busses put end to end. 

Wilderness dining specialists Gastronomo Dining are delighted to have Chef Stephanie Vass open the season with an assortment of tasting courses featuring local produce served alongside Kangaroo Island and South Australian finest wines. 

It’s a dining wonder that is not equalled anywhere else in the world. 

“This year we hope that guests will feel like they have travelled through time and stepped into the pages of a fairytale,” Stephanie says. 

Without giving too much away, Stephanie is starting her culinary adventure this year with an extraordinary tasting menu that will take diners back to native seafoods and meats sampled by the early settlers. 

Inspired by the rich history of the Middle River region, Stephanie will introduce some retro classics before showcasing a range of dishes served amongst the flickering leaves of the majestic fig tree. 

Combining Kangaroo Island’s fantastic produce with the authentic and the whimsical, Stephanie builds multiple flavour profiles by using every element of the produce to create new taste sensations. 

The Gastronomo team, led by owner Nick Hannaford, are also excited to share some of the island’s wines and spirits that are winning awards and accolades around Australia and the world. 

Because Kangaroo Island enjoys a generally milder climate that is influenced by its coastal winds and location, the days don’t get too hot and the nights don’t get too cool. This leads to a long, slow ripening period that produces wines of exceptional quality that equal similar vintages produced in some of the more iconic wine regions of South Australia. 

The Enchanted fig tree will also be opening for starlight dinners in January 2023 with lighting inspired by the magic and colours of the southern stars and universe. 

Tickets on sale through the Gastronomo website and travel packages available through travel partner SeaLink or 131301 




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