August 25, 2022

The ones to trust with your big day

Hygge Studio is a modern multi-service creative studio offering customised and unique event activations, spaces and objects.

Photography – In the Mood for Love

Hygge Studio is the culmination of years of experience between creative directors, Lucy Temme and Rachel Evans, who combine their talents to put together the perfect big day for any event.

Both Lucy and Rachel have studied in the creative industries and have extensive experience in management, visual merchandising, graphic design, floristry and interior styling. 

The pair have a vision of creating events that deliver emotions, not just experiences.

“We create completely personal and unique events, activations, spaces and objects,” Lucy says. 

“Dreaming, crafting, foraging and building thoughtfully designed features tailored to your style and personality is our specialty.”

Photography: Declan Hartley Brown

One of the many fortes of Hygge Studio is weddings, with Lucy describing a Hygge wedding couple as “one that lives to dream and appreciates the decadent details that transform the day”

Hygge offers customised levels of service depending on the amount of assistance and creative input required. Their services include Styling Design & Custom Production, Project Management and Formalities Coordination. 

“Once we have created the look and feel of your event, will we itemise everything on one quote, keeping all of the costs transparent and realistic throughout,” says Rachel. 

Not only will Hygge Studio plan your beautiful wedding event, but they will also handle all the logistics. 

“[We will] oversee construction, and coordinate our team of event stylists, florists, and labourers to place and potter,” says Lucy. 

While many might dread the task of setting up and packing down the wedding, Lucy and Rachel find it especially rewarding despite the challenges involved. 

“After months (or years) of dreaming and planning, getting to know you and all that you hope for the day, we are finally here and doing it all for you,” says Lucy. 

Hygge Studio also offers a Formalities Co-ordination service for the wedding couples who want to ensure that their big day goes according to plan. 

“We foresee the things that only experience can see,” says Rachel. 

“No crystal ball needed, just a detailed run sheet where we document you, your guests and your vendors movements.”

The service helps handle any hiccups and keeps a firm grip on the look and feel of the wedding. 

Photography: Cam Liu

Hygge also manages corporate events and activations. 

“We focus on creating tangible interactions with your brand, highlighting the business goals or complementing the ethos” says Rachel. 

“As part of our corporate services, we offer campaign activations, custom builds, event/awards set up, photo moments and large-scale floral design.”

While events are a speciality of Hygge Studio, they can also help you to bring the beauty and vision of their studio into your space, offering a range of interiors and fit outs, as well as botanical artistry. 

“We love to create welcoming spaces that embody Hygge,” says Rachel. 

Embodying Hygge in your space can include input from the creative team to fit out your forever home or a pop-up space.

Photography: Mike Hemus

If you are looking for a more natural input; the Hygge Blooms team can provide custom botanical design for your spaces. 

“Colours, seasons and personalities are all part of our creative process,” says Rachel. 

If you are looking for a more permanent addition, the recently launched Botanical Halo’s may be the answer.

“They are sure to add texture and a visual impact to your space.” says Lucy. 

“Using locally sourced materials, each handmade Halo is uniquely and carefully constructed with love.” 

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