July 24, 2022

Bill Hinchcliff + Sophie Vardaro

Bill and Sophie celebrated their wedding day at the bride's gorgeous family home.

Bill and Sophie decided on a casual, homely atmosphere for their wedding; making sure their loved ones felt as though they were coming together to enjoy dinner at the family table. The couple held their ceremony out the front of Sophie’s childhood home – a three-acre property outside Renmark – with pews borrowed from her local family church used as seating for the ceremony. The gardens have been tended to by Sophie’s father, photographer Italo Vardaro, with a reception held in a space on the property they call Annie’s Lane, which Italo created for his wife’s birthday celebration.

Location Bride’s family home
Bridal gown Unique Bridal Collection
Flowers Bride’s cousin Marie Falcinella
Cake Made by bridesmaid
Photographers Karen Jericho and Italo Vardaro

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