June 8, 2023

Lucas Matthews + Susanna Torbet

Lucas and Susanna tied the knot at Templewood House at Inglewood in the Adelaide Hills, surrounded by family and friends who flew in from across the country to join the celebrations.

The couple had originally planned a surprise wedding under the guise of an engagement party in 2020, but Covid restrictions forced them to reschedule. “The weather was absolutely perfect and the only thing I would change would be making the day last longer,” Lucas says. Susanna says walking down the aisle was a highlight. “My favourite part of the day was seeing Lucas for the first time as I walked down the aisle and then having some time away together when we took our sunset High Paddock Hill photos.”

Location Templewood House
Bridal gown Helena Couture Design
Veil Palak Harry
Shoes Loeffler Randall
Cake Cristarella Cakes
Cupcakes The Cupcake Lady
Bouquet Lily West
Photographer Laurence Gibbs, Soul Deep Studio


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