November 7, 2019

Survey finds South Australian wine industry benefiting from global demand

Bentleys SA has partnered with the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) to survey 100 South Australian wine businesses to better understand wine industry business practices.

Tim Siebert, Partner of Bentleys SA, says that industry insights gained from the annual survey and the subsequent South Australian Wine Snapshot report are important in helping to inform the direction and future of local winemakers and grape growers.

“Bentleys SA is dedicated to facilitating the growth of the state’s wine and wine supply industry,” Siebert says.

“The insights from the South Australian Wine Snapshot aim to give wine businesses valuable information to benchmark and monitor their business performance while also giving them the ability to make knowledgeable decisions for their futures.”

With 40 years’ worth of experience as a South Australian owned and operated business, Bentleys SA have put significant investment into many of the state’s industries, including wine. The firm is renowned for their leading approach to business education within this industry, with a range of initiatives and workshops that have supported the SA wine industry for many years.

“We can glean from this year’s South Australian Wine Snapshot that the demand from global markets and advancing technology solutions are having positive impacts on wine businesses, and trading conditions continue to improve as well,” says Siebert.

“However, business confidence has dropped this year compared to last, with changing consumer demands and a lack of access to water recognised among the key barriers to success in what is a volatile market.”

The South Australian Wine Snapshot also shows that shifting weather patterns, energy costs and labour costs are all key concerns for wineries in the state at the moment.

Tim Siebert, Partner at Bentleys SA

“In light of these statistics, and from our experience in helping local wineries for 40 years, we recognise that it’s important for wineries to remain adaptable and nimble in their business approach, changing with market needs,” says Siebert.

“We are working with the South Australian Wine Industry Association and our clients within the wine industry to overcome barriers to success and come up with strong business plans that strengthen not only individual businesses, but the South Australian wine industry as a whole.

“The wine industry in South Australia demands innovation, good market understanding and improved practices in order to remain competitive.”

The South Australian Wine Snapshot includes statistics on business confidence among wine businesses, operating capacity, current wine inventories, the impact of environmental factors, skills in demand, impediments to attracting staff, financial health, growth strategies, changes in vineyard size and use, water use, barriers to success, and more.

The collaboration between Bentleys SA and SAWIA for the South Australian Wine Snapshot showcases Bentleys SA’s commitment to ensure future business success, with workshops also being provided to state-based winery owners and grape growers.

Bentleys SA provide the wine industry with education and support through various initiatives including presentations on the latest tax legislation changes, articles, reports, workshops and face to face consultation.

The workshops offer attendees practical advice on financial literacy, strategic planning, business growth, succession planning and business evolution to suit their individual business needs, including timely advice on risk management.

The South Australian Wine Snapshot provides a comprehensive account of how confident wine businesses feel about the industry in South Australia and what issues are affecting them the most. It will be available this October to Bentleys SA clients.

Continuing their strong focus within wine, Bentleys SA were also part of the judging team for the 2019 Wine Industry IMPACT Awards hosted by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia. The unique award shines light on the importance of relationships between grape and wine producers and their supply sector.

“Bentleys SA have a significant investment in the wine industry, and we are committed to supporting the wine and wine export trade and the thriving SA wine culture,” Siebert says.

“As a South Australian owned and operated business, our interest is seeing businesses experience growth and success to support the future of winemaking. Wine business is a very generational industry and our focus is ensuring the next generation is set up for success.

“We are here for South Australian businesses, helping them get where they want to be and ensuring success for winery owners and grape growers into the future,” Siebert says.

Visit Bentleys SA at Level 5, 63 Pirie Street or head to to find out more or download a copy of the 2019 South Australian Wine Snapshot.

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