May 7, 2020
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SALIFE May 2020 issue out now!

The May 2020 issue is out now, with a trip back to the golden days of Adelaide's advertising industry, a 26-page gardening special, botanical accessories, mushroom recipes, and so much more.

The image adorning the cover of our May 2020 issue may not be what you’ve come to expect from SALIFE, but it’s also a perfect distillation of this month’s lead story.

In 1975, the staff of advertising firm Young & Rubicam’s Adelaide office (where this photograph was taken) worked hard, and partied harder.

You may not realise that some of the catchiest advertising campaigns of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s were dreamt up right here in South Australia by a new generation of creative minds who broke new ground, and took no prisoners. Infectious jingles and award-winning campaigns were written and produced in Adelaide – and all before lunch – because not much work seems to have got done after lunch.

Mix yourself a dry martini (or a hock, lime and lemon) and take a trip back to the golden days of Adelaide’s advertising industry with the May 2020 issue of SALIFE.

As we continue to spend more time than usual at home, many of us have rediscovered the joys of gardening. Whether you have a large block or just a couple of pots on a patio, the therapeutic nature of tending to plants is undisputed — to say nothing of the rewards of harvesting homegrown produce.

It’s also a wonderful way to keep children entertained and create your own flower arrangements. The May issue has plenty of ideas to get you started with our special 26-page gardening feature.

Continuing the botanical theme, our fashion pages in this issue are a tableau of nature-inspired accessories that will keep you smiling and feeling good all winter. For those of you feeling stressed in self-confinement, or if your skin needs a little attention before you go out and about again, SALIFE Fashion Editor Emma Riemersma also suggests some relaxing rituals that will have you feelign pampered in teh comfort of your own home.

Autumn days are upon us now and mushrooms, in all their infinite variety, are the pick of this season’s produce. Natalie Homan has some recipes that make these protein-packed delicacies the stars of the show.

There’s all this and so much more in SALIFE May 2020.

The May 2020 issue of SALIFE is in newsagencies and independent supermarkets now.

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