November 19, 2020

Recipe: Croissant bread & butter pudding

Comfort food is the order of the day and this tasty twist on bread and butter pudding is a great way to use up that old packet of croissants lurking at the back of the freezer.

Croissant bread & butter pudding
serves 4-6

8 mini croissants or 4 regular
20g butter, softened, for buttering dish
4 heaped tbsp marmalade
4 heaped tbsp Nutella
200ml milk
200ml thickened cream
1 egg
3 egg yolk
75g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
2 tbsp demerara sugar
flaked almonds, toasted, to garnish

Preheat oven to 180C and butter a 1.5L pudding dish. Halve the croissants and generously spread half with marmalade and the other half with Nutella. Cut the croissant pieces in half (or thirds if using regular sized croissants) and place in the pudding dish. Place the milk and cream in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Meanwhile, place the egg, yolks, sugar and vanilla bean paste in a small bowl and whisk until smooth. Add the hot milk and cream to the egg mix in a steady stream, whisking continuously until incorporated. Pour the mix over the croissants and set aside for 15 minutes to absorb. Sprinkle the pudding with demerara sugar, place the dish in a medium baking tray and place in the oven. Pour boiling water into the baking tray until it reaches halfway up the pudding dish. Bake for 30 minutes, or until golden and custard is set. Serve pudding garnished with toasted flaked almonds.

This recipe first appeared in the July 2020 issue of SALIFE magazine.

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